The Wisdom of Jane Austen on Marriage

All of Jane Austen’s novel center on the all-importance of marriage as one of the major decisions in a man or woman’s life. They portray happy, ideal marriages as the greatest source of contentment in human life, “all the best blessings of existence” as she writes in Emma. A bachelor in the novel observes his married brother’s contentment: “There was too much domestic happiness in his brother’s house; woman wore too amiable a form in it.” Her books portray a variety of marriages based on various motives and standards from the conventional proper match…

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May, 20 2015

John Paul II on the Death Penalty: A Development of Doctrine?

With sorrow, I learned Friday that the Boston Bomber, 21 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has received the death penalty, slated for lethal injection. It is not the case that he doesn’t deserve the death penalty. He does. Execution is the gravest possible punishment for the…

May, 19 2015

HB 3074 Should Not Be Supported

Joe Kral’s article, The End of the Texas Impasse: The Moral Case for HB 3074, published on April 6 in the Truth & Charity Forum, offers some useful contributions to the problematic debate regarding Texas’ legislation of artificially…

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By Don DeMarco

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May, 14 2015

How to Create and Sustain a Culture of Life

In contemporary society, we are faced with the challenge of how we can establish again a Culture of Life, one that would integrally respect…

May, 12 2015

Principles of Action Concerning Civil Law

When St. Peter faced the Sanhedrin in Chapter 5 of Acts of the Apostles, he is questioned as to why he did not stop…

May, 11 2015

Life is the Place Where God Manifests Himself: A Reflection on Evangelium Vitae

It is a profound experience to re-read Evangelium vitae twenty years after it was issued. The scope of reflection integrated into this great treasure…

May, 4 2015

When Mothers Lose a Child

Miscarriages, still born births, loss of children, it’s all so incredibly hard on parents. When I had a miscarriage I learned they were not uncommon. Knowing…

May, 1 2015

Procedures vs. Persons, Abortion vs. Gay Marriage: Another Culture War?

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the four consolidated same-sex “marriage” cases, including Ohio’s Obergefell vs. Hodgeson, on April 28, 2015. As…

Apr, 30 2015

The Education Children Provide Adults

A famous lesson a child taught to an entire court was uttered in one sentence from Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”: “But, Daddy, he’s…

May, 18 2015

Defending life is not in opposition to fighting poverty

I was astounded when I read reports by numerous news outlets that during a panel discussion on poverty held at Georgetown University, President Obama admonished…

May, 8 2015

Decline in Morality Leads to Lack of Respect for Life

As any serious Christian knows, human…

May, 5 2015

A Comprehensive Sex Ed Course in a Nutshell

Among the misguided, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s new sex education curriculum is seen as “comprehensive”. The omission of love, marriage and other essentially…