Christ Healing the Paralytic at the Pool of Bethesda

Do Whatever He Tells You

The World Day of the Sick, instituted by Saint John Paul II in 1992, takes place annually on February 11, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. During this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy when the World Day of the Sick will be solemnly celebrated in the Holy Land, Pope Francis has chosen for its theme Entrusting Oneself to the Merciful Jesus like Mary: “Do Whatever He Tells You” in which he reflects on the Gospel account of the wedding feast at Cana (John 2:1-11). In his message for the occasion,…

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Feb, 9 2016

Birth and Choice

Choice has been elevated to philosophical heights. It allegedly captures the essence of the human being as an autonomous agent who is free to make choices concerning his personal life. Yet “choice” hardly characterizes the human being. People do not choose to be…

Feb, 8 2016

The Poverty of Abortion

By Denise Hunnell, M.D.

“It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” This poignant quote by Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta rang in my ears as I read Karen Hartman’s latest essay in the Washington Post. The…

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Jan, 26 2016

Faithful Citizenship, Voting, and the Life Issues

In November 2015 the US Bishops approved their latest edition of…

Jan, 18 2016

Truth and Courage

“Climate change,” President Barack Obama assures us, “can no longer be denied.” He is certainly on safe ground here since no one over…

Jan, 14 2016


In recent years the hashtag #WhyWeMarch has become a popular social media phenomenon surrounding the annual March for Life held on January 22 in…

Feb, 2 2016

Marriage and Family: The Fundamental Unit of Society

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Until very recently in our post-modern culture, marriage between one man and one…

Feb, 1 2016

Labor and the Human Person

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When considering economic principles and the faith, it is important to…

Jan, 10 2016

The Desert Spirituality of Motherhood

When St. Anthony of the Desert went out to the Egyptian wilderness to be alone with God, he probably didn’t think that he was setting an…

Feb, 4 2016

The Church on War and Peace

The Catholic Church’s teachings regarding war and peace are challenging. While we happily affirm the general superiority of peace over war, violence…

Jan, 29 2016

The Presidential Candidates on Environmental Stewardship

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The primary elections are starting to loom in American politics and Pope Francis has…

Jan, 28 2016

Rights Talk in the 2016 Election

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There is a reason why our politics are so ugly, and it is…