Happily Ever After and the Freedom of the Gift

On a hurried Saturday afternoon while running some routine errands, I made a quick stop in the local Dollar Store to pick up some wrapping paper. What I encountered at the cash register turned out to be an occasion for some serious reflection. Among my purchases was a pretty gift bag for an upcoming bridal shower. The clerk who was bagging my items commented on what a pretty bag it was, then upon closer look, she commented, “But it’s not true”. Inscribed in the design were the words Happily Ever After. Without even a chance…

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Jun, 27 2016

The Indirect Attack On God

While the nature of malice often acts in direct ways like war to do its evil, it also operates in subtle, devious methods to carry out its agenda of hatred, revenge, or harm. While God suffers a blunt attack from atheism, blasphemy, and sacrilege,…

Jun, 24 2016

Considering Obergefell v. Hodges and the Sublime Dignity of Marriage

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Obergefell v. Hodges, it is fitting to reflect on the Church’s teaching on marriage, a teaching that is not strictly about the sacrament but also about the natural purposes of marriage. This teaching about natural marriage has seemingly…

And The Two Become One Flesh (Homiletic and Pastoral Review)
By Veronica Arntz

Obama’s Disregard for Stay-at-Home-Moms (Crisis)
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By Don DeMarco

Authentic Compassion Does not Include Assisted Suicide (Zenit)
By Denise Hunnell

Robin William’s Life of Comedy Ends in Tragedy (Aleteia)
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The Moment of Choice: Recognizing Human Dignity in Difficult Circumstances (
By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet

Jun, 17 2016

His Name Is Jason

I will never forget the day we received the message from my sister, Mary, who happened to be visiting family in Nebraska at the time; It…

Jun, 15 2016

Catholic Theologian Takes His Own Life: Christianity And Depression

In March, a lay Catholic theologian, Stephen Webb, took his own life to the great grieving of his wife, children, friends and professional community at Wabash…

Jun, 9 2016

Time to Amend Unborn Victims of Violence Laws

Recently, it was reported that a Houston area middle school teacher, Alexandria Vera, was having a sexual relationship with her 13 year old…

Jun, 22 2016

Is It Ever Immoral Not to Practice NFP?

As science progresses, particularly ethical medical practices such as NaPro technology, the question arises whether it would ever be morally wrong not to…

Jun, 8 2016

Children’s Outdoor Play

As more children people play video games and use mobile devices as toys, they spend less time in outdoor play. The indoors rather than…

May, 25 2016

Marriage: an Imperfect Image of Christ and His Church

If I were a pastor of a parish, I would put in highlighted print on my parish bulletin each week the following from St….

Jun, 20 2016

Freedom, Truth, and Conscience: Why Religious Liberty Matters

When the U.S. Bishops implemented the first Fortnight for Freedom in 2012, many thought it would be a one-time event. But now, in 2016, dioceses…

Jun, 13 2016

How to Save America – and Civilization

Faced with two presidential candidates who have little or no regard for religiously-informed social values and a steady stream of dishonest and uncharitable vitriol…

Jun, 2 2016

In Solitary Witness

I was informed by a bishop recently that, according to reliable sources in the Vatican, approximately 100,000 Christians are martyred for their faith…