Inheritance of Hope

John Paul II was not four years into his pontificate when I was born. My experience of Catholicism has been inseparable from his presence as the tender father of my generation – the one who loved our lives better than we ourselves did, who showed us that we were made of better stuff than we knew.

Yet there is another factor to the immense impact he has had on my life.

My father came to the United States as a child, the son of immigrants who fled Communist Czechoslovakia. They were contemporaries of the pope whose faith…

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Apr, 14 2014

Methuselah’s Daughters

As an article in the DailyMail recently reported, Women are getting increasingly older before having children. The number of women in their 50s having children has doubled over the last 5 years in the U.K.; three children are born to mothers in their…

Apr, 11 2014

The Harvest of the Home

Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women and Little Men depict the mystery of the home as a small place deserving to be called a garden or orchard wherein seeds and young plants multiply and produce an abundant harvest that is beyond measure. In the final chapter…

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Apr, 9 2014

Religious Freedom and the Prophetic Nature of Evangelium Vitae

There are many definitions and descriptions of a prophet. At first consideration, many would typically think of a prophet as one who predicts the future….

Apr, 4 2014

Our Tower of Babel

The story of the Tower of Babel is one of God’s judgment against man’s pride. Builders of the edifice were acting presumptuously in…

Apr, 2 2014

The Loss of Mystery and the Loss of Childhood

In the aftermath of the sexual revolution of 1960s — which espoused sex education, the contraceptive mentality, no-fault divorce, and legalized abortion on demand –…

Apr, 7 2014

Mozilla’s CEO Resigns; Catholics Should Be Worried

The media storm swirls around Brendan Eich’s April 3 resignation as CEO from Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox browser. Eich is a talented programmer…

Mar, 26 2014

The “Sacramentality” of the Body and Same-Sex Marriage

The argument against same-sex “marriage” isn’t really about marriage; it’s about children – right? Well, yes and no. Actually, it’s primarily, or at…

Mar, 25 2014

The Parish Fish Fry: an Old Tool for the New Evangelization

“Lenten Fish Fries are as much a part of our culture as losing sports teams,” said the CEO of the Cleveland-area Cleats Restaurants Corporation, Tim…

Apr, 8 2014

St. Francis and the Life-Giving Gaze of Christ

Perhaps one of the most misrepresented saints in history is Saint Francis of Assisi. This confusion has led to a great deal of division, even…

Mar, 28 2014

The Two Trees

We are told in Genesis 2:9 that among the many trees God planted in the Garden of Eden, two were of special significance:…

Mar, 27 2014

Glory Be to God for Dappled Things

Glory be to God for dappled things—

For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;

For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim;

Fresh firecoal chestnut falls; finches’…