Saint Sebastian: A Patron for Pro-Life Legislative Advocates

The pro-life movement has adopted several saints as patrons over the years. These patron saints certainly provide the necessary intercessions that the pro-life movement needs, but there is another saint that should be seen as an exemplar of the movement as well. During a time of persecution where it was dangerous to be a Christian, St. Sebastian’s deeds speak heroically of his pro-life views regarding the sanctity of human life. He gave his voice to those who did not have a legal say within the Roman Empire.

While St. Sebastian at first glance may…

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Aug, 31 2015

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Aug, 27 2015

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Aug, 10 2015

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Jul, 27 2015

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Aug, 26 2015

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Aug, 25 2015

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Aug, 21 2015

Fundamental Distinctions for the Upcoming Synod

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