Why Paul J. Griffiths Is Wrong About Homosexual Acts

Here is Catholic theologian Paul J. Griffiths, a professor at Duke University, reviewing gay author Richard Rodriguez’s Darling: A Spiritual Autobiography in the conservative First Things, of all places, and making the case for the goodness of same-sex love along the way: “I don’t agree with every position taken in Darling, or with every argument offered…On homosexuality and homosexual acts…I think Rodriguez much closer to being right than not. Insofar as such acts are motivated by and evoke love, they are good and to be loved; insofar as they do not, not….

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Apr, 22 2014

Life vs. the Environment: a False Dilemma

The environmentalist mentality today is very often positioned against the flourishing of human life, as though humans are a threat (e.g., population growth) to the environment, which is treated as bearing great value independent of humanity. The recent film Noah takes up this point of…

Blessed John XXIII
Apr, 17 2014

Fidelity to Tradition: Bl. John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council

On Sunday, April 27, along with John Paul II, Pope Francis will canonize the beloved John XXIII, having quickly advanced him through the arduous process of saint-creation. One is tempted to call it the undercard of the match, or perhaps Pope Francis wanted some…

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Apr, 9 2014

Religious Freedom and the Prophetic Nature of Evangelium Vitae

There are many definitions and descriptions of a prophet. At first consideration, many would typically think of a prophet as one who predicts the future….

Apr, 4 2014

Our Tower of Babel

The story of the Tower of Babel is one of God’s judgment against man’s pride. Builders of the edifice were acting presumptuously in…

Apr, 2 2014

The Loss of Mystery and the Loss of Childhood

In the aftermath of the sexual revolution of 1960s — which espoused sex education, the contraceptive mentality, no-fault divorce, and legalized abortion on demand –…

Apr, 14 2014

Methuselah’s Daughters

As an article in the DailyMail recently reported, Women are getting increasingly older before having children. The number of women in their 50s…

Apr, 11 2014

The Harvest of the Home

Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women and Little Men depict the mystery of the home as a small place deserving to be called a garden or…

Apr, 7 2014

Mozilla’s CEO Resigns; Catholics Should Be Worried

The media storm swirls around Brendan Eich’s April 3 resignation as CEO from Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox browser. Eich is a talented programmer…

Apr, 15 2014

Inheritance of Hope

John Paul II was not four years into his pontificate when I was born. My experience of Catholicism has been inseparable from his presence as…

Apr, 8 2014

St. Francis and the Life-Giving Gaze of Christ

Perhaps one of the most misrepresented saints in history is Saint Francis of Assisi. This confusion has led to a great deal of division, even…

Mar, 28 2014

The Two Trees

We are told in Genesis 2:9 that among the many trees God planted in the Garden of Eden, two were of special significance:…