Cultural Revolution in Orwell’s 1984 and America’s 2014

In Orwell’s novel Winston Smith, the protagonist, finds himself living in an inhuman world he cannot recognize as normal or natural. Aware of life in London before the Revolution and now experiencing the chilling new world of Big Brother and the Party in Oceania, Winston feels alienated, enslaved, and dehumanized. He has vague fond memories of the past he recalls from his childhood, but his current life as a government employee in the Ministry of Truth bears no resemblance to his earlier life. The threat of Thought Crime and Thought Police has deprived him…

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Bob Cousey - "Mr. Basketball"
Aug, 19 2014

Courtship and Marriage

He was Mr. Basketball, the Houdini of the Hardwood. He was blessed with long arms and peripheral vision. These gifts together with being ambidextrous and having extraordinary court sense, introduced a new blend of ball-handling and passing skills that revolutionized basketball. He…

Aug, 14 2014

Battling Depression: A Catholic Perspective

The shocking events that have unfolded this week with the suicide of actor Robin Williams, have stirred up many controversial conversations on depression, mental illness and suicide. What makes depression, bipolar disorder, addiction and suicide so difficult to understand? How can we understand the…

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Aug, 8 2014

Life and Death at a Garage Sale

Garage sales can be very personal experiences. Oftentimes, in addition to goods being sold, there are stories to be told. And so it…

Jul, 22 2014

A Blessing Between Christians and Jews

On April 6, 1993, the fiftieth anniversary of the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto, the then Pope John Paul II delivered a most…

Aug, 12 2014

“How Gay are We?”: Gay Games 2014

“How Gay Are We?” is the question posed on this month’s cover of Cleveland Magazine, over a silhouette of a rainbow Cleveland skyline. This headline…

Aug, 11 2014

Why Lisa Fullam is Wrong About the Synod on the Family’s Working Document

In a recent America symposium, moral theologian Lisa Fullam of the Jesuit School of Theology (Santa Clara) reflects on the working document…

Aug, 6 2014

Sex Ed for the “Real World”

Many millenials would chuckle recalling the awkward dad scenes in the 1999 film, American Pie. These scenes depict a Jewish-American father explaining many sexual things…

Aug, 4 2014

Why the Right-to-Life Matters, Human Rights or God-Given Rights, Part II

See Part I here.

What do we mean by “human dignity”? It is an admittedly hard-to-define term often used by both believers and…

Aug, 1 2014

Guilt Management and the Unity of Body and Soul

A human being is a unity of body and soul, not a soul imprisoned in the body and not a soul that is a…

Jul, 31 2014

Human Rights or God-Given Rights? Part I

“Above all, the common outcry, which is justly made on behalf of human rights – for example, the right to health, to home,…