The French Revolution

Organic Changes and Violent Revolutions

A person of fifty years old is the same person who was once five years old. The only change that has occurred is one of development, the natural progression of stages from childhood to maturity. The sturdy oak tree is the same tree that was once a sapling, the only difference its growth in each successive year to achieve the full potential of its nature. The natural law that St. Paul cited in Romans 2:14 (“When the Gentiles who have not the law do by nature what the law requires . . .”) is…

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Jul, 31 2015

Top 9 Things I Get Out of Catholicism

By Stephanie Pacheco

(Editor’s Note: In this final article of a series answering common objections to the Catholic faith, the author shares the ways the Church has been a gift to her life)

9. Latin – Latin is a beautiful, classical language that is home to many of the landmarks…

Jul, 29 2015

The Fear of Marriage

All the statistics and surveys indicate that smaller percentages of young men and women give priority to marriage as their natural vocation. Even in the prime years for matrimony in their twenties and thirties, more and more eligible men and women classify marriage as…

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Jul, 27 2015

The Medical and Moral Magnificence of Humanae Vitae

Humanae Vitae (On Human Life), could arguably be considered one of the greatest encyclicals of our day. The task Blessed Pope Paul VI undertook…

Jul, 21 2015

Incrementalism and the Moral Imperative

History has shown that when an injustice is codified into civil law, rarely is it overturned with one piece of legislation. Rather, it tends…

Jun, 24 2015

Human Cloning = Biological Slavery

On February 22, 1997, the pro-life landscape was altered into a new direction. It was on that fateful day that Dolly the sheep was…

Jul, 20 2015

Love Has Become an Empty Shell

The opening words of Pope Benedict XVI’s final encyclical, Caritas in veritate, are just as true and applicable today as they were when he…

Jul, 9 2015

The Human Bond: The Essence of Happiness

From the moment of conception until he takes his last breath man is designed to be bonded with other persons. Human beings are not…

Jul, 6 2015

Living Indissolubility in Marriage: The Act of the Heroic Christian

We hardly need a reminder that marriage is under attack, both in the world and the Church. The attack on marriage within Holy Mother Church…

Jul, 24 2015

Historical Injustices of the Church (Objection Series 7)

Many people wonder how we Catholics can still believe given some of the more infamous events in Church History; the classic duo of the Crusades and…

Jul, 23 2015

Marriage Is About More Than Semantics

The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing so-called “same-sex marriage” has raised many questions. The institution of marriage has been around since the beginning of…

Jul, 17 2015

When Christians Are Hypocrites (Objection Series 6)

One of the truest objections to the Christian Faith is that so many Christians behave badly; either through monstrous hypocrisy, as in the cases of…