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The Evil of Adoption in Same-Sex Marriages

One of the insidious rationalizations used to permit same-sex married couples to adopt children argues that life in a home, rather than an institution, serves the best interests of orphans. While the adopted child in these situations may enjoy a quality of life that rescues him from poverty and homelessness and receive the benefits of proper food, housing, education and medical care, he does not experience a normal, natural family life. If the child is a boy adopted by two men, he does not learn how a husband appreciates, honors, pleases and sacrifices for…

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Dec, 18 2014

Christmas and the View from Eternity

Perhaps the two most beloved Christmas stories that we see every year on television are Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Frank Capra’s It’s A Wonderful Life. The former involves a man from Hell, Jacob Marley, who shows Ebenezer Scrooge the ruinous future…

Dec, 16 2014

Stewards of the Body: End of Life Care

St. John Paul II writes in Evangelium Vitae about man’s responsibility over life: “With regard to things, but even more with regard to life, man is not the absolute master…

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Dec, 12 2014

The Fight for End-Of-Life Care: Vitalism vs. Catholicism

In many respects, when St. John Paul II wrote Evangelium Vitae it helped the pro-life movement move forward on matters of public policy. It…

Dec, 2 2014

Whether Induced Abortion is an Instance of Domestic Violence (In the Style of St. Thomas)

Objection 1. It seems that induced abortion is not an instance of domestic violence, but a choice. Since there is nothing inherent in…

Nov, 20 2014

The Ugliness of Evil and the Banality of Death

The classical world depicted the deformity and monstrosity of evil with revolting images: the Gorgon Medusa with serpents for coils of hair; the Chimaera…

Dec, 15 2014

The Miracle of the Incarnation: God’s Personal Relationships

The Christmas season celebrates the Christian miracle of the Incarnation, almighty God becoming lowly man and eternal God assuming a mortal human nature. The…

Dec, 11 2014

Back to the Roots of Family Regression

When we spend a significant period of time with our family or old friends from the past, an interesting psychological mechanism known as regression…

Dec, 8 2014

The White House’s First Christmas Tree

The First of a series of important events—the First solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, the First landing on the moon, the…

Dec, 9 2014

A Culture Opposed to Expectation

Few Christian households lack a Christmas tree at this time of year. Many people have completed their Christmas shopping, and Christmas carols blare over every…

Dec, 4 2014

The Home: Source of Inspiration

Human nature needs not only physical rest, sleep, and food to restore and replenish its energy, but also inspiration to lift the heart and…